Customise your shakes, smoothies or chocolate crepes with a selection of flavours from our bar. 


A healthy and refreshing way to get your 5 a day! Whether you want to start your day with a smoothie or enjoy one in the evening these are a tasty treat which are good for you!

Dairy Fruit Smoothies

ⓥ vegan options available simply ask our helpful staff

Pineapple Sunset + Frozen Yogurt
Pineapple, peach and papaya

Raspberry Heaven + Frozen Yogurt
Raspberry, mango, blueberry and apple

Mango Dream + Frozen Yogurt
Mango and pear

Berry Burst + Frozen Yogurt
Blueberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and banana

Strawberry Delight + Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry, papaya and peach

Strawberry Fantasy + Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry and banana


Vegetable Smoothies

Green Reviver
Kale, banana, mango and lemongrass

Carrot Boost
Carrot, goji berry, papaya and pineapple

Ginger Beets
Beetroot, ginger, blueberry and pineapple

Super Green
Avocado, spinach, spirulina, basil, apple and lime

Super Smoothies

Acai Kick 
Acai, strawberry, blueberry and mango

Passion Storm 
Peach, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, guava and aloe vera

Power Granate 
Strawberry, apple, blackcurrant and pomegranate

Mega Cherry 
Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, fig and flax seed

Breakfast Fuel Smoothies – £3.95


Pink Supernova + Whey
Strawberry, raspberry, oats, honey, sunflower seeds,
grapefruit and mango

Purple Power + Whey
Banana, strawberry, blueberry, apple & honey,
cocoa powder, quinoa and oats

Green Goodness + Whey
Banana, spinach, apple, mango, oats, honey, lime,
pumpkin seeds and macha green tea

SMOOTHIES: Extra Boost – 50p each for : Energy – Immunity -Whey Protein – Vitamin C


Shakes Made to Order – Our signature milkshakes are made using your favourite branded chocolate, sweets, cakes or biscuits, with scoops of vanilla ice cream and a dash of milk, with a large range of flavours creating hundreds of different combinations. Add soya milk to make a vegan friendly option. The perfect place to ‘chill out’ and have a shake!

Milkshakes & Yogurt Protein Shakes


ⓥ vegan options available simply ask our helpful staff

Frappe + Whey
Vanilla yogurt, a shot of espresso and whey protein

Strawberry Whip + Whey
Frozen yogurt, strawberries and whey protein

Cookies & Cream + Whey
Vanilla yogurt, chocolate cookies and whey protein

Salted Caramel + Whey
Salted caramel yogurt, caramel crunch and whey protein

Blackcurrant Cheese Cake + Whey
Vanilla yogurt, blackberries, crushed biscuit and whey protein

Banana & Peanut Butter + Whey
Vanilla yogurt, banana, peanut butter and whey protein

NEW! Raspberry Pavlona
Vanilla yogurt, raspberries, meringue pieces + whey protein


Customise Your Shakes

Regular £3.25 / Large £3.75

ⓥ vegan options available simply ask our helpful staff

Included in price one of the following, extras at 85p each. 
Any chocolate bar from our counter
Any biscuits from the counter
Any flavour (sweets) from counter

Sauces & Syrups – 30p
Milk Chocolate Sauce / Dark Chocolate Sauce / White Chocolate Sauce / Caramel Sauce / Strawberry Sauce / Raspberry Sauce / Cinnamon Syrup / Strawberry Syrup / Vanilla Syrup / Caramel Syrup / Chocolate Syrup / Banana Syrup

Toppings – 50p
Crispy M&M’s / Cadbury Milk Chocolate Buttons / Flake / Galaxy Minstrels / Hundreds And Thousands / Jelly Tots / Maltesers / Mini Marshmallows / Nuts / Oreos / Popping Candy / Smarties / MilkyWay Stars / Skittles

Add to your Shake
Extra Flavour (Any Chocolate Bar) 85p each
Dairy Free / Soya Milk 30p
Whipped Cream 40p

Add £1.30 (soya ice cream and soya milk)

MILKSHAKES: Extra Boost – 50p each for : Energy – Immunity -Whey Protein – Vitamin C


My Shake Bar is the first place in Dorset to bring you the delicious and unique Italian chocolate kebab.
*Add any topping for an extra 50p. *Add any sauce for 30p. Add Ice Cream for £1.25 

Crepes with Chocolate Shavings


Classic £4.25
Fresh pitta crepe, filled in with choco kebab shavings, whipped cream, any sauce topped with sprinkles + any sauce / syrup

Coconut *£4.50
Fresh pitta crepe, choco kebab shaving, whipped cream, drizzled with our delicious white chocolate sauce, topped with desiccated coconut and flake

Nutella £4.75
Nutella base fresh pitta crepe, choco kebab shavings, whipped cream, fresh bananas drizzled with our delicious toffee sauce

White Chocolate Twist *£5.50
Fresh pitta crepe drizzled with our delicious white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, choco kebab shavings served with sliced strawberry and banana, topped with icing sugar

Milk Chocolate Twist *£5.50
Fresh pitta crepe, drizzled with our delicious chocolate sauce, whipped cream, choco kebab shavings, served with sliced strawberry and banana, topped with icing sugar

Caramelo *£4.75
Fresh pitta crepe, drizzled with our delicious caramel sauce, whipped cream, choco kebab shavings and fudge cubes

Raspberry *£4.95
Fresh pitta crepe, choco kebab shavings, whipped cream, topped with our delicious raspberry sauce and fresh raspberry

Strawberry *£4.95
Fresh pitta crepe, choco kebab shavings, whipped cream, topped with strawberry and our delicious strawberry sauce

Mega Fruit Twist £7.95
Fresh pitta crepe dizzled with our delicious white, milk chocolate sauce, whipped cream, choco kebab shaving served with sliced strawberries, bananas, kiwi, raspberries and blueberries,


Add extra toppings for 50p

Gelato Style Ice Cream – £1.95 per tub / cone

Chocolate Chip / Strawberry / Vanilla / Brownie Chunk

My-Yogurt – from £2.45 per tub

Natural Greek / Mango & Passion / Mixed Berry
Plain £2.45 / 1 Topping £2.95 / 2 Topping £3.40 / 3 Topping £3.80

Add further extra toppings for 50p  |  Add extra fruits 95p


Hot Drinks

Single Expresso £1.50
Double Expresso £1.80
Flat White £2.20
Cappuccino £2.30 reg / £2.60 large
Americano £2.00 reg / £2.40 large
Latte £2.30 reg / £2.65 large
Single Macchiato £1.55
Double Macchiato £1.85
Mocha £2.35  reg / £2.75 large
Mocha Deluxe (marshmallows & cream) £2.70 reg / £3.00 large 
Hot Chocolate £2.35 reg / £2.75 large
Hot Chocolate Deluxe (marshmallows & cream) £2.70 reg / £3.00 large
White Hot Chocolate £2.35 reg / £2.75 large
Tea £1.50
Herbal Tea £1.50

Shot 40p  /  Marshmallows 40p  /  Whipped Cream 40p  /  Flakes 40p
Syrup 30p  / Soya Milk 30p / Almond Milk 30p / Coconut Milk 30p

Soft Drinks

Frobishers orange juice £1.79
Frobishers apple juice £1.79
J2O £1.50
500ml Volvic water 70p
Coca Cola glass bottle £1.50
Diet Coke glass bottle £1.50
Coke Zero glass bottle £1.50
Sprite Zero glass bottle £1.50
Fanta glass bottle £1.50

Frappe – Reg £2.95 / Lrg £3.50

With whipped cream and any sauce…
Coffee Frappe / Mocha Frappe / Chocolate Frappe / Vanilla Bean Frappe (v) / Caramel /  Hazelnut / Cinnamon

Allergy & dietary requirements?
Please do not hesitate to ask as we are happy to help


All our Vegetable and Super Smoothies are Vegan friendly.
Milkshakes and fruit smoothies are available as Vegan to find out more about your Vegan choices please ask our helpful staff.